Take a look through the most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions about this plugin, feel free to contact us.


How do I select a list for submissions to go to?

Create a new Klaviyo Feed in your Form settings. A list of all of your Lists will be shown as checkboxes. You may select one or more lists for your form submissions to be subscribed to.

What do I need for permissions for my Klaviyo API key?

For this plugin to work, you need Full Access permission for Lists, Profiles, and Subscriptions. All other permissions are fine to be left as No Access.


Is the plugin using the legacy v1/v2 APIs in that Klaviyo is retiring in June 2024.

No, we are already using the newer APIs and are not using any of the APIs that Klaviyo is retiring. You are all set with this plugin and no upgrade is required.


How do I troubleshoot submission issues?

You can take a look at the Entries in Gravity Forms. The notes in there will show what list has been subscribed to or will show if there were any errors on Klaviyo’s side during the creation of the profile or subscription.

You can also turn on Gravity Forms Logging and Debugging and then view your Gravity Forms for Klaviyo Add-on logs. These logs will show you any errors that you have with your connection to Klaviyo.

Why do my form submissions not show up in Klaviyo?

The most common issue we’ve seen when it seems to be not working is if your list has Double opt-in enabled. Klaviyo will first send an email to confirm the subscription and the user will not actually show up in Klaviyo until the link in the email has been clicked.

Why do not all of my lists show up?

In Klaviyo the List section shows both Lists and Segments. Only the Lists show up in Gravity Forms as the only ones that can be directly subscribed to.