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What is the WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Dates plugin?

The WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Dates plugin is a powerful tool designed to provide accurate delivery estimates to customers during their online shopping experience. It enhances customer satisfaction by offering transparency and predictability regarding order arrival times.

How does the plugin work?

The plugin enables you to set up estimated delivery dates for orders based on various parameters. It allows you to define blackout dates, customize shipping methods, and offer precise information to customers about when they can expect their orders to be delivered.

Can customers select their preferred delivery date in the cart?

No, customers do not have the option to choose their preferred delivery date in the cart, at checkout, or any other place in the store. The plugin is designed to empower store managers with complete control over configuring shipping and delivery settings, tailored to their specific business requirements. Estimated delivery dates are calculated per shipping method, in accordance with the designated configurations.

Can I customize delivery estimates for different shipping methods?

Absolutely! The plugin offers the flexibility to customize delivery estimates for each shipping method. You can tailor the estimated delivery dates, transit times, and availability according to the specific characteristics of each shipping option.

Here is a full list of the available settings:

Available Ship Days: Choose the days you want to offer shipment options, ensuring timely dispatch of orders.
Available Delivery Days: Define the days when deliveries can be made, providing your customers with precise delivery estimates.
Range of Days in Transit: Set transit time, such as a 3-5 day range, for accurate delivery predictions.
Shipping Cutoff Time: Establish the shipping cutoff time for same-day delivery, allowing you to efficiently manage your order processing.
Calculation Type: Select between everyday or business days (Monday to Friday) to suit your specific shipping needs.
Shipping Blackout Dates: Designate dates when shipping services are not available, preventing any confusion or unnecessary orders.
Delivery Blackout Dates: Set specific dates when delivery services are not eligible, ensuring smooth order management.

What are blackout dates, and how can I use them?

Blackout dates are periods during which shipping or delivery is unavailable due to holidays, special events, or other operational factors. With this plugin, you can set global shipping and delivery blackout dates to ensure accurate estimations even during non-operational periods.

To manage global blackout dates: from the WordPress backend, navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping (tab) -> Estimated Delivery Blackout Dates (link in the shipping sub-navigation). From here, enter or select a date on the calendar to mark it as unavailable or to remove its eligibility for either shipping or delivery on that date. Once the date has passed, the field will turn yellow. You can update the date to the following year, delete the date with the minus button, or leave it as is for historical reference.

Is it easy to install and configure the plugin?

Yes, the plugin is designed to be user-friendly. Installation is straightforward, and the configuration process is intuitive. Our user-friendly interface and installation instructions guide you through the setup process step by step.

Will the estimated delivery dates be visible to customers?

Absolutely. The plugin ensures that customers have a clear view of the estimated delivery dates during their checkout experience. The dates are displayed for each available shipping method in the cart and at checkout, and even display in order confirmation emails.

Can the plugin help reduce customer support requests related to delivery times?

Yes, definitely. By providing accurate estimated delivery dates upfront, customers are less likely to have questions about their order’s arrival. This reduction in inquiries can streamline your customer support operations.

Does the plugin support different types of businesses?

Yes, the WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Dates plugin is designed to cater to a wide range of businesses, from small online stores to larger e-commerce platforms. Its customizable features make it adaptable to various business models.

How can I get started with the WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Dates plugin?

To get started, navigate to the WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Dates product and follow the instructions for purchasing, downloading, and installing the plugin. Once installed, you can customize the settings to match your business requirements and start providing accurate delivery estimates to your customers.