To further streamline address management, version 3.0.0 brings the much-requested Import/Export feature. You can now enable your customers to import and export address data from their account pages.

Time needed: 15 minutes

Import Addresses to your Address Book

  1. Log into your accounts address book

    Once you have logged into the WooCommerce My Account page navigate to your Address BookAddress Management with import and export

  2. Set the address data

    Create a CSV file with the address data you would like to import. It must contain the correct column headings import and be in a CSV format. We suggest exporting a copy of you addresses first to get a file in the proper format and then modifying it as needed before re-importing it. This can be done by following the export directions belowImport Shipping Addresses CSV File

  3. Select your address file

    Click the “Choose File” button to select the CSV file that from your computer containing the address data you would like to importImport Shipping Addresses

  4. Import the address data

    Once you have selected the file click the “Import” button to upload the file and run the import.Import Shipping Addresses File Selected

  5. Review the imported addresses

    Once it is complete you will see a message letting you know the addresses have been successfully imported and you should review them to make any further adjustmentsImported Shipping Addresses

Export Addresses to your Address Book

To export all the billing or shipping addresses from your accounts address book simply click the Export button located at the bottom of the Address Book page and you will be prompted to download a CSV file containing all the relevant address data.

Questions & Support

Still have a question? Review our other documentation for the WooCommerce Address Book plugin, or reach out with additional questions or feature requests.