Protect your valuable assets and sensitive information with our gravity forms encryption plugin. Never worry again about the transfer of confidential information via email. Our easy-to-use plugin will securely store your form data in your WordPress database, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access it. Simply log in to WordPress to view the encrypted content of any submitted gravity form. Download it today and protect:


  • Sensitive user information
  • Sensitive account or personal details
  • Any data you want to ensure remains secure

Our plugin is easy to install and allows you to control when and how the information submitted in a gravity form is used. Keep your data safe and help make the web a little more secure with our gravity forms encryption plugin.

WordPress installation

Download the Gravity Forms Encryption plugin on this page, install and activate. Here’s what it should look like once activated.

Now it’s time to Activate the License.

With the license activated, let’s test it on a form. First, let’s encrypt this required field for SSN.

In the field’s general settings, you can choose the label and setup a Standard or Custom Input Mask. Here we select the Standard SSN option, and also set the field to be required.

In the Advanced settings, we can then select to Encrypt the data in this field by clicking the “Encrypt Field Value” option.

A close-up of the Tooltip for this option.

You may also enter text that will replace the encrypted text in any email notifications for the field.

Here’s a view of the form from the WordPress backend.

A view of an empty form from the frontend:

A view of the form on the frontend without the SSN encrypted:

The form on the frontend with the SSN ready to be encrypted.

The email notification removes the SSN field from the email.

The form entry as it appears in the backend:

Notice the SSN entry on the backend only is visible.

The SSN entry in the database is encrypted.

That’s it! Happy encrypting.

If you have any questions about using this plugin, feel free to contact us.

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