Enhance your customers’ shopping experience and boost your WooCommerce store’s efficiency with the WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Dates plugin from CrossPeak Software. This powerful plugin empowers you to provide realistic and accurate delivery expectations while offering the flexibility you need to manage your business effectively.

All the features you need for success:

  • Define Global Blackout Dates: Take control of your order fulfillment process by setting universal blackout dates for both shipping and delivery. Seamlessly manage peak seasons, holidays, or any specific events affecting your operations.
  • Tailored Shipping Method Settings: Customize each shipping method to cater to specific needs, such as shipping and delivery availability, transit days, and same-day shipping cutoff times.
  • Communicate Estimates to Customers: Impress your customers with transparent and effective communication. Provide estimated delivery dates during the checkout process, visible in the cart and at checkout for each available shipping option. Selected dates are also visible on customer order emails.

Providing delivery estimations boosts business success by fostering trust, increasing sales, and reducing customer support requests. Transparent information on delivery times instills confidence in customers, prompting quicker purchases. Informed customers lead to fewer support inquiries, resulting in higher satisfaction and stronger brand loyalty. If you seek an efficient solution to optimize delivery estimates for your online store, look no further than the WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Dates Plugin – the ultimate choice for enhancing your customer’s experience.

At CrossPeak, we understand that good plugins are hard to find — that is why we are committed to making the best plugins available. Each plugin is thoroughly tested and optimized for performance and security.

Built to the highest standards, our plugins are continually updated to ensure compatibility. Download one today and see for yourself. Have a question or a comment? Reach out to our team today!

Matt, Tim, Jess, and the rest of the CrossPeak Software Team.

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