Take a look through the most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions about this plugin, feel free to contact us.


Will this plugin allow my customers to ship to multiple locations with a single order?

No, this plugin only allows for the storage of multiple shipping addresses. If a customer would like to ship to multiple locations, they should complete multiple orders.


How can I add custom fields to my billing/shipping address?

WooCommerce Address Book uses the standard WooCommerce address functions so any method to modify the address fields will still work.

We have tested that using the standard filters works correctly. Checkout out: Customizing checkout fields using actions and filters

We have also tested to ensure compatibility with the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor extension.


Why can’t I add a new address to my address book?

The address book will only begin to display after the primary billing or shipping address has been created for the customer.

Why is the address not populating my custom fields at checkout?

Most standard custom fields do work with the Address Book. However, if you have custom fields added by a plugin which are updated by javascript then the Address Book plugin will not always know how to handle the data. If you are running into an issue please post an issue in the support forum or on github with what plugin or code you are using and as much details as you can. We will determine if the Address Book plugin is able to provide support for the plugin or if a custom solution would need to be developed for your use case.


How do I translate this plugin?

We now use the new way of translating WordPress plugins: https://translate.wordpress.org/

Feel free to contribute a translation at: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/woo-address-book/

How do I get my translation approved?

Someone needs to apply to be a translation editor for this plugin. If you have contributed a translation, you may apply to be the editor yourself.
You can make the request and that request can be approved by the WordPress Localization editors.

See here for more details: https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/handbook/rosetta/roles-and-capabilities/pte-request/#pte-request-by-a-translator

How can I use my translation before it is approved?

What you can do to use it locally right now is go to the translate page.

At the bottom by the Export link, select “Only matching the filter” and “Machine Object Message Catalog (.mo)” and then click Export to download the .mo file.

Then save this .mo file to your WordPress site at wp-content/languages/plugins/woo-address-book-LANGUAGE.mo replacing LANGUAGE with your language code.

For example for German: You would go here: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/woo-address-book/stable/de/default/, then save this .mo file to your WordPress site at wp-content/languages/plugins/woo-address-book-de_DE.mo

You may also use PoEdit and create a translation file which can be exported as a .mo file to be saved in the same location.