Take a look through the most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions about this plugin, feel free to contact us.


How do I select a list for submissions to go to?

Create a new Klaviyo connection in your forms marketing settings. The dropdown shows all the Lists available in Klaviyo. All new submissions that opt-in will be subscribed to the selected list or lists.

What permissions do I need for my Klaviyo API key?

For this plugin to work, you need “Full Access” permission for Lists, Profiles, and Subscriptions. All other permissions are fine to be left as “No Access”.

How do I send to multiple lists?

You can set up multiple Klaviyo connections in your form’s marketing settings. These can go to different accounts or lists and use conditional logic to trigger which connection should be processed. Review our documentation on setting up your WPForms Klaviyo Integration.

Can I collect SMS signups?

No, while the plugin will collect phone numbers to add to the users Klaviyo profile it does not collect the required SMS consent. We are looking at adding support for this as a feature in a later release.
Basics: SMS compliance
Understanding SMS consent collection
Understanding explicit vs. implicit consent

How do I collect custom Klaviyo Parameters?

The plugin only collects the basic Klaviyo profile parameters and custom mapping of additional field is not currently supported. We are looking at adding support for this as a feature in a later release.