In this “how to” we will go over how to use the Gravity Forms for Klaviyo plugin to resend entries to Klaviyo from Gravity Forms. This allows you to ensures that your signup submission with your subscribers remains accurate. This is similar to the existing Gravity Forms Resend Notifications feature.

These instructions assume you have already installed and configured your Gravity Forms, and Gravity Forms for Klaviyo plugin along with the set up and map your feed.

  1. Locate your form entry

    Go to the Gravity Form that you have Klaviyo feed set up and find the entry you would like to resend Click the entry to view it.

  2. Select the feed to resend

    Locate the resend setting and check the box next to the feed you would like to processes the entry.

  3. Review the entry notes

    Review the entry notes to see if the feeds where processed and resent the entries properly.

This option is also available in the list of form entries and can be used by checking they entries you would like to process and selecting the bulk action from the drop-down.

Questions & Support

Still have a question? Review our other documentation for the Gravity Forms for Klavioy plugin, or reach out with additional questions or feature requests.