We’re excited to announce the release of version 2.5.5 of the Gravity Forms Email Blacklist plugin. This update brings two changes that further improve the plugin’s performance and accuracy, making it an even more indispensable tool for safeguarding your form submissions.

Refined Validation Function for Accurate Filtering

An issue was found when a comma was present at the end of the list of blacklisted emails it would cause the validation function to flag an empty email field as containing a blacklisted email. This presented as a problem for forms with multiple pages or a not required email field. We have updated the validation function to safeguard against this.

Capability Declination: Seamless Integration with Role and Capabilities Plugins

Maintaining a WordPress website often involves the use of various plugins to enhance functionality. The Gravity Forms Email Blacklist plugin now takes this into account with the addition of capability declination. This feature enables the plugin to seamlessly collaborate with role and capabilities plugins, ensuring a harmonious user experience. Whether you’re utilizing role management or capabilities assignment plugins to fine-tune user permissions, rest assured that the Gravity Forms Email Blacklist plugin will integrate effortlessly.

Why Gravity Forms Email Blacklist Plugin Matters

Securing your forms from potentially harmful or unwanted submissions is paramount. Invalid or malicious email addresses can clutter your database, hamper your communication efforts, and even compromise your website’s integrity. Here’s why the Gravity Forms Email Blacklist plugin is an essential companion for any Gravity Forms user:

  • Data Accuracy: By filtering out blacklisted email addresses, you can ensure that your form submissions contain accurate and reliable contact information.
  •  Enhanced Communication: Clean, valid email addresses lead to effective communication. You can reach out to your audience with confidence, knowing that your messages are reaching the right recipients.
  •  Protection from Abuse: Prevent abuse of your forms by malicious users or spammers attempting to inundate your inbox with unsolicited content.
  •  Streamlined Workflow: The plugin’s integration with role and capabilities plugins streamlines your workflow, allowing you to manage user permissions and access while still benefitting from email blacklist functionality.

You can review the change log and GitHub repository for more information on the exact changes.

We would like to thank the community for reporting the issues and helping with this release.

Having trouble, or want to share feedback?

Please reach out to us on the Gravity Forms Email Blacklist plugin support thread with any other issues you may be experiencing. We appreciate the questions and feedback we receive from the community and by taking the time to do so you help us make a better product.