📣 Make sure you have Gravity Forms installed and enabled before beginning.

Download the Gravity Forms Encryption plugin from my account, install and activate. It should look like this:

Showing the Gravity Forms Email Blacklist installed and activated on backend

You should then see these options in the Gravity Forms Settings sub-menu under “Email Blacklist.”

Showing the blacklist settings on the backend

When creating a form, selecting a field and then clicking on the Advanced settings on the right will bring up options for the plugin.

Showing the advanced email settings for the email blacklist form plug-in

If someone enters an email address that’s been blacklisted, this default error message will appear. You can customize the message within the Advanced settings.

Here’s the output of a customized error message:

In this example, we see how to blacklist multiple addresses separated by a comma.

Showing the Email settings on backend, with multiple addresses blacklisted

Example of blacklisting the all addresses from crosspeaksoftware.com:

Here we blacklist the entire .com TLD:

That’s it! Happy blacklisting. If you have any questions about using this plugin, feel free to contact us.